We take care of the temporary employment and obtaining work permits of the workforce from Asia,
Central and South-Eastern Europe, and the Western Balkans.

Borrowing and recruiting foreign employees

Borrowing and recruiting foreign employees through S&P Workhouse provides advantages for both our clients and candidates.

In our recruitment agency, we enable foreign job seekers to acquire all necessary work permits, insurance arrangements and legal provisions. At the same time, we also take care of their accommodation and transportation to work. This greatly increases their access to new jobs.

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Benefits of working with S&P Workhouse in recruiting labor from abroad

  • We take care of the selection of workers from developing countries or the Western Balkans, which is adapted to the specifics of the client.
  • For industrial workers, a selection process consists of established methods designed to test the manual skills of industrial workers (Purdue pegboard test, grooved pegboard test, hand tool dexterity test, and O’Connor finger dexterity test).
  • We provide expert advice on obtaining documentation for residence and work in the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe
  • From start to finish, we manage the entire process for obtaining all types of work permits.
  • We provide inter-state communication between the employer and the future employee, as well as among other state institutions.