Our work and development are based on domestic knowledge and experience in the field of personnel search and recruitment.

Žiga Silič

CEO & Founder

About us

S&P Workhouse is an international recruitment agency that provides temporary recruitment services and classic personnel placement.

We specialize in finding and recruiting skilled and unskilled labor from third countries of the world, mainly from Asia. We also provide staff from the countries of the Western Balkans or from Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Our company, with its knowledge, experience, expertise and constant upgrading and introduction of new personnel solutions, ensures the selection of the most suitable candidates for all types of work. Our passion, responsibility and professionalism at work enable us to create long-term relationships between companies and candidates.

We primarily operate through a Croatian personnel agency, which has branches in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Belgium. If necessary, we also cooperate with external partners in order to ensure the appropriate legislative framework of each EU country, especially when we mediate workers who are citizens of the third world.

Our long-standing regional presence allows us to understand the economic and political situation in great detail, as well as giving us access to quality candidates. Our main office for the selection process is in Ljubljana and Zagreb, but our remote recruitment units from other countries also offer us support in the search and analysis of the most suitable candidates.

Mission and vision


Providing personnel services according to the business strategy of our clients and coordinating new employees with the activity, culture and goals of the company they are joining.


Help in planning a career path, highlighting relevant experience and skills, and finding the best solutions for employment of domestic and foreign workers.


We invest in the growth and development of the company and employees. We think creatively, and are not afraid of innovations and changes. We adapt and learn from them. We keep up with good practices, follow trends and successfully implement our mission and vision with experience in the labor market.

Among our most important values is the preservation of confidentiality of relations with business partners and respect for all people – our employees, customers, job seekers and business partners.

We established a network of business partners, employers and job seekers in several countries of the European Union, in particular in South-East Europe and Asia, in order to most effectively help clients in various areas of employment.

We act transparently and responsibly. We respect agreements, are quick to respond and are flexible in finding the best options for achieving the set goals.



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