Employee loan

For companies, we offer a comprehensive solution of worker or workforce loan.

Hiring workers

Borrowing a worker or a group of workers represents an excellent solution for companies that are faced with a periodically increased volume of work, e.g., during high season or project work. It is a simple and quick solution in case of need to replace long absences, and the possibility of testing employees before deciding on a candidate long-term is a great advantage for the employer.

This is a special form of flexible employment, where we hire the employees at our recruitment agency and send them to work with you, where they perform the work according to your instructions and needs (tri-party agreement).

When hiring workers through S&P Workhouse, we take care of the entire process, as well as the loaned workers. In particular, we focus on workers from developing countries; in addition to work permits, insurance and other necessary legal provisions, we also arrange worker accommodation and transportation to work. 

Benefits of hiring employees through a recruitment agency

  • Reliable and safe search for HR solutions.
  • A modern and flexible form of employment that provides clients and job seekers with safe ways of employment.
  • A dynamic form of employment that allows clients to get to know or test personnel for an agreed period before deciding and hiring the selected candidate or candidates. 
  • Borrowing workers is a good short-term or long-term business solution for companies.
  • We are a source of new employees, talents and a reliable workforce.
  • We respond quickly to changes in the labor market and ensure rapid adaptation to needsof the individual company or organization.
  • Individual approach according to the specific needs of the company. We provide flexible regulation of the number of employees according to the employment needs of the company.
  • Working with a recruitment agency when looking for temporary employees can reduce the costs of administrative and HR tasks for the company.
  • By borrowing employees from our recruitment agency, companies are left with only the cost of the agency itself, which can be entered in their accounting records. In this way, our clients avoid higher labor costs. 
  • For loaned workers, we perform, establish and keep records, as well as calculate and pay wages.
  • The key guidelines in doing business are compliance with the law and ethics. 

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