Collaboration with S&P Workhouse offers a dynamic form of recruitment that provides companies with the access to an extensive database of potential candidates.

We are well aware that employees are the driving force behind every successful company. To this end, we offer our clients a high degree of flexibility in providing and optimizing work processes. With our many years of presence in the labor market, as well as specialization in human resources and employment, we are highly responsive to unforeseen changes.

We offer professional, high quality and cost-effective services in the field of human resources, recruitment, and implementation of integrated human resources solutions.

We shorten the recruitment process for you and consequently reduce the costs of losing productivity, as the period of an open vacancy at your company will be greatly shortened as well.

The benefits of working with S&P Workhouse

  • Flexible, secure and efficient provision of work force.
  • We take care of the entire process of selection of suitable candidates.
  • Saving resources and access to reliable databases. We establish and maintain personnel records for clients, as well as calculate and pay salaries for hired workers.
  • Use of methods designed to test workers’ skills and measure psychometric cognitive abilities, behaviors and interests of potential employees.
  • Our many years of experience and knowledge of regional markets ensure our clients a quick and efficient identification of the right workforce.
  • Long-term, trustworthy partnerships.