Hiring workers

Searching for the right candidates in Central and SE Europe

Candidate search process

The constant changes in the labor market can make it much more difficult for companies to find suitable candidates for employment. Labor shortage, which has been escalating for several years, has become all the more evident during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is an increasing need for appropriately qualified personnel who specialize in specific activities. Recruiting agencies have therefore become constant companions of companies that want to connect with job candidates on a larger scale and in the shortest possible time.

Finding suitable personnel can be extremely time-consuming, and the company’s management is usually short of time, so in order to hire workers, it makes sense to think about working with a recruitment agency that takes on many tasks for you.

Based on our experience and extensive knowledge in the field of networking between companies and workers, our recruitment agency can help you find and recruit the best candidates for your activity. In accordance with your wishes, requirements and needs, we will formulate goals and criteria, based on which we will find suitably qualified candidates for you.

Save your time and avoid the stress of finding new employees. Trust our recruitment agency and with our help start expanding your team of workers who will grow and develop together with you and your company.

Candidate selection

In order to keep the search for new employees as short as possible and the selection of candidates as wide as possible, it is crucial to set clear goals and formulate criteria by which the suitability of workers for the advertised vacancy will be assessed. The plan for finding new employees is completely adapted to your wishes or needs of your activity.

We will carry out all the necessary administration of the entire process of searching and selecting a candidate, among other things, we can take on tasks such as posting job advertisements, monitoring applications and reviewing resumes, as well as conducting personal interviews with candidates.

In order to best match the candidate’s values with the company, we also perform psychometric testing to assess the candidate’s character traits, behavior, interests and cognitive abilities (e.g., problem solving).

Steps to hiring the best employees with the help of a recruitment agency

  • Formation of criteria for the search and recruitment of new employees.
  • Search through existing databases, preparation of advertisements and search for new candidates through various sources of indirect and direct advertising.
  • Detailed review of applications and resumes, as well as the organization of the first round of interviews with applicants who meet the criteria.
  • Testing and assessment of the abilities, competencies and character traits of candidates, so that they fit into the work culture of your company.
  • Preparation of reports and presentations ofthe best candidates.
  • Second roundof interviews with selected candidates and the client.
  • Selection adviceand additional testing in order to verify the specific required competencies, if necessary.
  • Selection and employment of the right candidatesfor your organization.

We always choose only the best

With our dedication, passion and professional approach, S&P Workhouse is the best regional partner when it comes to the selection in the automotive, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industries. The right selection of new employees is one of the most important steps to the rapid growth and success of your company. Sometimes companies or organizations need a candidate with specific knowledge and skills for a particular position. With the awareness of the importance of finding the right candidate and the unpleasant consequences of hiring inadequate personnel, the search and selection of candidates has therefore long ceased to be solely in the domain of companies.

With in-depth knowledge of the industry, we make sure that our selection of candidates is perfectly tailored to your activity. Our HR managers in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Nepal and India work according to the method of connecting the perfect candidate with the perfect employer. We are aware that the key component of personnel development is the maximization of the potential of employees. At S&P Workhouse, we have developed an elaborate process of assessment and verification of hand skills of the candidates in order to ensure a large selection of potential new employees.

In the selection process, the candidate’s experience, knowledge, skills, personality, work habits and values are assessed. Depending on the chosen position, we test specific skills and make sure that the selected candidate fits in with the culture of your company. Let us do our part of the job so that you can focus on yours.

S&P Workhouse provides workers from developing countries through business partners in Asia, mainly from the countries of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Labor migration flows are already a constant in many regions of the world, and with our many years of experience and knowledge of the supply and demand for labor, we focused on the selection of candidates from these countries. We are aware that there is a massive shortage of labor in various industries. That is why our specialized and experienced external personnel in the office or the field actively select candidates from various industries, from IT personnel to production workers, in these regions.

We also provide a reliable and qualified workforce from Central and South-Eastern Europe, i.e. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Our team is dedicated to finding and recruiting top talent from these regions, ensuring our clients have access to a diverse pool of candidates to meet their specific needs. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent staff, we have the expertise and resources to ensure the perfect fit for your business.

S&P Workhouse is active throughout the Adriatic region. Our specialized and experienced HR managers actively select candidates from the areas of the Western Balkans, i.e., Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, etc. Due to the well-established education system and the developed industry in the area of the former Yugoslavia, candidates from the Western Balkans are reliable and diligent. There is a diverse selection from production to highly skilled workers, forming a wide range of professional and highly educated candidates (architects, engineers, pharmacists and specialists of individual industries). For candidates from the Western Balkans, work permits and insurance are required to work in the EU area, which we can provide in our recruitment agency.

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